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Founded in 2014, Safari Global Fashions delivers you with stunning selections of uniquely handcrafted accessories, selectively handpicked from various artisans in Kenya. Originally formed by Kenyan natives mom and daughter duo, to empower & promote income generating opportunities for talented artisans especially women; for their beautifully crafted creations that had not gained the right recognition. Now it is solely ran by husband and wife passionate about empowering artisans globally.

Our artisans are armed with traditional skills with a modern twist and blend tradition with innovation. Most of our products are eco-conscious and materials sourced locally.

Our best sellers: Raffia Handmade Large Brim Hats are handwoven from an eco-friendly natural fiber called “raffia.” Raffia is bendable, shapable and packable. The natural color of raffia is natural, cream or tan however, the hats have vibrant colors done using a long-lasting vegetable based dye. You will find a selection of different color hats to match any outfit. The hats shapable and foldable brim, allows the owner to wear it in many different styles and are foldable for travel. The raffia hats are also handmade with a dual layer of fine woven raffia that allows the hat to block harmful UV rays and offer sun protection.

The objectives of Safari Global fashions is to facilitate economic empowerment and cultural preservations by establishing a fair-trade platform that connects and promotes global artisans to the broader western market.

Your purchase will help transform the lives of the resilient women artisans and inspire future generations of artisans not only in Kenya, but other African countries and Globally.

Thank you for supporting a legacy of sustainable craftsmanship and fostering cross-cultural appreciated of craftsmanship.

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